Genetic Heritage Report
By EthnoGene


"Whether you're looking to clarify your ancestry or simply explore your genome, the Genetic Heritage Report by EthnoGene is the ideal way to start a lifetime of learning about your genome. The report includes a breakdown of the geographic regions and ethnic groups to which your DNA most closely aligns with, along with an assessment on your percentage archaic human ancestry and a detailed overview of each group. Give it a try! You may be surprised at what you find."
                           -The EthnoGene Team

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**File Uploads: A designated file upload form should appear post-payment. If there are any problems with the file upload please email your Build 37 DNA data file as an email attachment to For additional questions visit our FAQ or System Updates pages for more information.

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      Download your raw DNA data                file from your provider
     (AncestryDNA, 23andMe, etc).

       See here for instructions on               each provider.

       Fill out the form after clicking
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          Receive your report via email
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Expand your knowledge.

Let us help:


Includes a percentage breakdown of the geographic regions your ancestors may have originated in.

Includes a separate percentage match to specific ethnic groups to which your DNA most closely aligns with.

Contains an assessment on your percentage of archaic human ancestry.

A detailed overview of each aforementioned group is provided. 

We specialize in finding the specific aspects of your heritage which other ancestral heritage companies may have difficulty discerning. Based on our 200+ group reference population, you may be able to clarify your ancestry further than ever before.

Gain a valuable glimpse into your ancestral history and how your unique mix was created.

Confirm family origins and their related traditions.

Visualize the story of your ancient past and gain insight into who you are from a genetic ancestral perspective. Based on this, you will possibly be able to narrow down your ancestors homelands with increased clarity and immerse yourself in the culture of the groups and regions they originated in.


Ethnic and Sub-Regional

Sample Charts

Illustrated below are sample charts giving a typical regional breakdown and a specific sub-regional breakdown. Within the report, both are accompanied by descriptions of the content of each chart. The report also contains a table with matches to references from sub-regional populations. For example, if you are 9% French, you may be matched to regional populations found in Normandy, Brittany, Auvergne, etc. Someone of English descent may find that they are closely related to populations found in Cornwall, Yorkshire, Wales, etc. 

Ethnic Breakdown
Regional Breakdown