Uploading Your Downloaded Genome File

We currently support the raw genome data from the following providers. Please download the Build 37 .zip file from your provider:

  • AncestryDNA: Follow the instructions here.

  • Genes for Good: upload the text file named 'GFG_filtered_unphased_genotypes_23andMe.txt', available in your downloaded ZIP archive from Genes for Good (see Genes for Good for more information). Please make sure that you upload only the specified file and not the entire archive.

  • MyHeritage DNA: upload the CSV file downloaded from MyHeritage DNA. Instructions are located here.

  • Vitagene: upload the zipped text file downloaded from Vitagene.

  • WeGene: upload the zipped text file downloaded from WeGene.

  • Family Tree DNA: download the 'Build 37 Raw Data Concatenated' GZIP archive from Family Tree DNA and upload it here. See here for instructions.

  • 23andMe: upload the zipped text file downloaded from 23andMe. How to get your raw genetic data: login and then go to 23andMe raw data download page and request your raw data.