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How It Works

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Download your raw DNA data file after taking an ancestry test at a main provider. (AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, etc).

Upload your raw DNA data file to our site. Visit the 'Order Now' page to upload your raw DNA data file and order the assessment.

We run an analysis on your DNA to deduce your most probable ethnic composition and assess what percentage of your DNA may result from archaic humans. 

We email you an informative report containing the results of our assessment and further information pertaining to these results. 

About Us

Our company is dedicated to helping clients to learn more about their genome. We assess raw DNA data and give you a report with your detailed ancestry estimates. We reference data sets representative of populations across the globe within our database, so these estimates may at times exceed the precision of other DNA heritage test providers. We are based in the US and are fully dedicated to our customers and producing high quality results.

Our Service

Data Comparison

First, we compare your raw DNA data to reference data sets representing distinct populations within our database.

Ethnic Estimates

Estimates are determined for overall regional groups, specific ethnic groups, and for matches to regions within countries.

Neanderthal Estimate

Your Neanderthal and Denisovan ancestry are determined by a comparison to samples from both groups.

Data Compilation

The results are compiled into a report and background information on each group is added.

Your Report

You are presented with your report which you will find to be highly informative.



We specialize in finding the specific aspects of your heritage which other ancestral heritage companies may have difficulty determining. Typically, companies tend to only narrow it down to a wide region. Based on our comparison of your DNA to 200+ distinct population reference groups in addition to archaic human species like Neanderthals and Denisovans,  you may be able to clarify your ancestry further than ever before.

Geographic Origins

Where did your ancestors originate?

The raw DNA data you submit contains information on your autosomal DNA, which is passed down from both of your parents.


The human genome is extraordinarily complex, and EthnoGene has decided to simplify your geographic origins into several population clusters. 


After analyzing your raw DNA data, we will attempt to algorithmically deduce which regional genetic population clusters your DNA most closely matches.


Following this, we attempt to match your DNA to more specific reference populations which are subgroups of the overall geographic population groups.

Population Clusters



We reference over 200 distinct population groups. 

These range from the Merina of Madagascar, to the Dayak of Indonesia, to smaller regional populations found across the globe. We have gradually expanded our database to include regions within countries, provided that the regional population is genetically distinct enough to show a definite reading. As always, please note that these estimates are very detailed but speculative and are most accurate for groups which display distinct genetic signatures


Archaic Human DNA

A section of the report details information on what percentage of your genome matches with genetic variants of known Neanderthal and Denisovan origin. Neanderthals were a species of ancient humans who mainly lived in Western Asia and Europe. After coexisting for thousands of years with modern humans, they went extinct around 40,000 years ago. Due to interbreeding, Neanderthal variants are now found throughout modern human populations at small percentages. The Denisovans were a similar group of archaic humans which mainly ranged throughout eastern Asia and the Pacific. Similarly, interbreeding with modern humans occurred and human populations throughout the former Denisovan range now contain Denisovan origin variants in their genomes.


What Do We Offer?

More Specifics Than Other Ancestry Tests

We reference a 200+ group reference population and systematically assess your DNA to find which groups you specifically match with. 

Three Types of Ancestry Tested


We assess your overall regional ancestry, specific ethnic ancestry, and archaic human admixture. 


Assessment of Neanderthal Heritage

No ancestry test is complete without a Neanderthal and Denisovan admixture test. We assess the percentage of your DNA which matches directly to these archaic human species. 



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